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Online VCA English

Want to study for your VCA exam in English from the comfort of your own sofa? You can now do so quickly and affordably with in1keerVCA.nl. Book your VCA course now and start studying from home. Our online course material is based on VCAinfra’s learning outcome and testing standards. We have divided the material into several chapters and have included questions that must be answered correctly before you can continue. During the final tests, you will also see exactly what the VCA exam and the questions and answers look like.

We offer this online VCA course in English for VCA Basis, VCA-VOL and VIL-VCU. After booking your online VCA course, you will receive an e-mail telling you how to log in, as well as a voucher or login code. With these credentials, you’ll be able to start preparing for your VCA exam right away. The prices of all our online VCA courses include the price for the exam.

VCA exam

You can take the VCA exam in English at 1 of our more than 80 exam locations in the Netherlands. This means that you’ll never have to travel far to take your VCA Basis, VCA-VOL or VIL-VCU exam. All exams are taken on a computer or laptop. You will be told your results as soon as you finish the exam. Candidates have 60 minutes for the VCA Basis exam. If you booked a modified exam in order to have the questions read out, you will be given 15 minutes extra. Candidates have 75 minutes for the VCA-VOL and VIL-VCU exams. These exams cannot be read out to candidates.

VCA in-company exam

For groups of 7 people or more looking to take a VCA exam, we can also schedule exam sessions on site at no extra cost! Please contact us to schedule a date and location. The exam office will come to you and bring the laptops. All you have to do is make sure that the exam room meets the requirements and that there is access to WiFi.

Advantages of online VCA

  • Cheap
  • Study from home
  • Study when it suits you
  • On your own pace
  • In your own language

Disadvantages of online VCA

  •     No instructor to explain difficult topics
  •     No way to ask questions
  •     Multiple days/evenings needed to study

VCA Day Course

If you would rather have everything explained by one of our experienced instructors, you can also choose to book a VCA Day Course with us. This day course is taught in English at several locations throughout the Netherlands. When you book a day course, the exam and the coffee, tea and lunch are included in the price. It’s as close to a guaranteed first-time pass as you can get! The day course can also be taught incompany. If the group is big enough, it will even be cheaper than taking the course at our location.

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